AOL is an American information technology company. AOL stands for America Online. AOL was industry leader during the internet boom in the mid-’90s. Millions of American customers still use AOL. AOL is famous for their products like AOL Mail, AOL web portal, AOL browser, AIM(AOL Instant Messenger), AOL Desktop, and AOL News.

AOL Mail is an excellent alternative to traditional emailing services like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook Mail. AOL has launched a great product into the market that is AOL Shield Pro browser. This AOL Shield Pro is entirely different than your regular browsers like Chrome and Firefox. This browser is known for its advanced security features that are not provided in any of the browsers in the market. If you are looking for a powerful browser that comes with security features, AOL Shield Pro is your best choice.

In this article, we will show you how to download AOL Shield Pro browser on your computer.

Read this guide to understand how to download AOL Shield Pro easily. Once you install AOL Shield browser so that you can enjoy its security features.

System Requirements for AOL Shield Pro Browser

The system requirement for AOL Shield Pro browser is following:
1. Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 is compatible with the AOL Shield Pro.
2. AOL Shield Pro does not support any tablet and mobile phone.
3. A minimum 350 MB disk space is required to run this software.
4. A minimum of 512 MB of RAM is necessary.

Features of AOL Shield Pro

  1. Anti-keylogging technology: this technology protects the data that user enters from the keyboard. They provide real-time encryption to users.
  2. Screen-grab protection: this technology protects your sensitive data from malware that takes pictures of essential data on a monitor.
  3. Another feature of AOL Shield Pro is that it prevents harmful and suspicious websites from loading on your browser.
  4. Real-time encryption: currently the only browser that offers real-time encryption to customers.

Steps to Install AOL Shield Pro Browser

Now that we have read about the features and essential configurations of AOL Shield Pro, we can proceed to know how to install the AOL Shield Pro on your computer. Here are the instructions:

  1. Open the browser on your computer.
  2. Visit the official website of AOL, where the products are available for download.
  3. Go to AOL Shield Pro download page. From the page, click on “Download For Free” link to download the AOL Shield installation file.
  4. In the bottom of the screen, you can notice a small pop-up. Click on the ‘AOL Shield Pro.exe’ As soon as you click on the .exe file, the installation of the file starts.
  5. Now, follow the instructions given on the screen to complete the installation of AOL Shield Pro.
  6. Once the installation is almost complete, you have to reboot the computer to finish the process and launch the application on the computer. A window will pop-up to ask your permission to restart the computer. Click on Yes to reboot the computer.
  7. Once your computer has been rebooted, you can launch the AOL Shield Pro browser on your computer.

Final Words

AOL Shield Pro is a perfect browser for any responsible user who wants to protect his online data from the hackers. It is the browser that everyone must use to protect the data. However, sometimes user don’t want to use AOL Shield should I remove it is the question they ask. It’s completely fine to uninstall AOL Shield if you are happy with the old browser you were using previously. If you encounter any problem while using the AOL Shield Pro, you can AOL Technical Support for the help. The team of experts can solve your questions immediately. You can use AOL Shield within no time.